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Once you are ready to market a property to an end buyer, you can use the Deal Marketing App to help stay organized by tracking the following:

*Please note: the app is for tracking only and serves as a checklist, there are no automations. Blast feature is not available in this app.

Target buyers

  • Who on your buyer list is a match to the property type/deal

Search terms

  • Which search terms are you using to search your Buyers App
  • Popular choices include property type, zip code, subdivision names, and city
  • Using tags or creating a category field in the buyers app will help with searching/pulling for a match 

Buyer leads

  • Who has expressed interest and/or viewed the property

Marketing Checklist

  • simply click each button as marketing is deployed

Email and Text Blasts

  • Cannot blast from this app. You can store the actual email and text copy that went out via the Email and Text Blast apps (located in Configuration Workspace) for reference.


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