Time not showing correctly in Appointment emails

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If the automatic seller email for a booked appointment is not showing the correct time, it’s due to your time zone settings. Here’s how to fix:




  1. Check Configuration workspace – If the google maps address in the settings app isn’t correct the time in email will be wrong. We use the google map address to geo-locate what timezone they are in.
  • Go to configuration workspace
  • Go to settings app in configuration workspace
  • Scroll down to the mailing address in the Podio location field formatting

Make sure the address is accurate and shows an image. If not, adjust the address until you can select from the dropdown of addresses


  1. Check Users Settings
  • Make sure that the Podio timezone in your Podio account settings is correct (see image below). It should be the same timezone you are booking appointments in. ie. if you make an appointment by selecting 08/24 at 3pm, and mean for that to be 3pm EST, your Podio account settings must also be in EST. 

  1. Still Not Working?
  • Duplicate the issue
  • Make a new seller lead in your workspace
  • Put your email address in so you recieve the email that your seller would receive
  • Make sure a property is selected on the seller lead
  • Book an appointment for “Mr. Fuse” for any date and time in the future
  • Check your email
  • If the time on the email is still incorrect, simply @ tag “InvestorFuse Support” on that item and we will make sure it gets fixed!


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