Three Things You Can Do to Maximize Your InvestorFuse Right Now

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1.Settings – auto-responders, signatures

2.Notifications – best practices

3.Task – task awareness




Find your company settings in your Configuration workspace.

Here, you can adjust and edit

  • Your company email address which all emails from the system will come from
  • Email and text message signatures for seller and buyer leads
  • Edit the phone number and sender name on your one-off vacant mailers
  • Edit auto responders for Missed calls and webform entries,  on/off capability for auto-responders
  • Edit Offer sent and Appointment Confirmation emails
  • Program text message notifications for new leads



  • The first thing you want to do is turn of your on-screen notifications. Click on notifications, then settings, to view your notification settings. From here you can turn off your on-screen notifications, and turn off some or al of your email notifications, especially if you have the Podio mobile app
  • Notifications can pile up fast, so make sure to clear them out fairly often and use tasks as much as possible to stay organized on what needs to get done and when. This starts with Task awareness….



  • The most simple and easy way for each member in a workspace is to habitually use their Podio Native Task Icon to see what tasks are assigned to you and when they are do. You can also see delegated tasks that you have created for others.
  • These tasks will include both system automated tasks that have been assigned to you from Mr. Fuse, as well as manual tasks that have been created. It helps to know the automated tasks that are created and who they are going to.
  • Here are the automated tasks and who  they are assigned to in the job roles app (This could be potentially lengthy)
  • Automated tasks per job role only pick one role as an example like maybe the lead qualifier role to show where to
    • see which tasks are assigned to the role
    • how to reassign a task to another role
    • make sure none of the roles are assigned to Mr. Fuse (default if no one is assigned)


Get used to assigning manual tasks to yourselves and teammates! Make this a habit and it will help you greatly in navigating your day to day operations : )



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