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Step by step process on how to set appointments

Process Chart

  1. Next Action Field: Activate ‘Set Appointment’ button
  2. Scroll Down to ‘APPOINTMENT – Going on Appointment’ field and choose which workspace member is going on the appointment from the dropdown menu
  3. Go the next field labeled ‘APPOINTMENT – Set Date and Time’ – choose date and time of appointment

*Pro-Tip: Always choose who is going before selecting date and time. It must be done in this order to ensure automation triggers correctly

The system automatically

  • Creates an appointment in the Appointments app and Calendar
  • Emails confirmation to the Seller Lead (If turned on in Main settings)
  • Sets Stage of Lead to ‘Appointment Set’
  • Sets Next Action to ‘Go on Appointment’
  • Resets Appointment fields to ‘No Value’ so it is ready to create another appointment if necessary

Activity window will update to notate what has happened in the system


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