Putting Headers into the Seller Leads App

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Purpose: To create or edit Headers for your seller leads app


1.) Go to your main workspace

2.) Click on Seller Leads App

3.) Click on the wrench icon on the top left corner

4.) Click on “Modify Template”

5.) On the left hand side under “Fields”, click and drag the Calculation field over to the left where you would want it placed on your seller lead template

6.) Erase the field thats labeled Calculation, and changed it to a hyphen –

7.) Copy and paste these 4 lines below into the Calculation field that you previously dragged over


var one = @Seller Name

var two = ” “


“————– **SELLER INFO** ————–“+two


8.) On the top line, erase where it says “Seller Name”

9.) After that has been erased and your cursor is next to the @ symbol, go ahead and select the first template that pops up

10.)If you would like to adjust what the header says, erase where it says SELLER INFO on the bottom line, and replace it with what you would like the header to say

11.) Follow the same procedure for other headers you would like to edit or create 

12.) Press Done on the left hand side after you are done entering in your headers



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