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You may be using a 3rd party answering service such as PatLive to answer your calls and collect information about your leads. Luckily, we built a system for them so they don’t need access to your workspace in order to input leads. 

They’ll have a webform where they can fill out basic information (like a seller lead sheet) that will generate a new lead in your Seller Leads app and assign a task for your seller lead qualifier to call that lead.

Here’s how to set that up:

Finding the Third Party Live Answering App

Go to your “3rd Party Live Answering” app in your Configuration workspace:

Adding Fields 

If you’d like to add fields to this app that you’d normally ask a seller as part of your “Script” for the answering service, simply choose the “Modify Template” option and add the appropriate fields. 

As long as you have an IDENTICAL field in your seller leads app as well, the information that is filled out in your Third-Party Live Answer App will push over to your Seller Lead once submitted. Be sure it’s an identical field! 

For more information on adding fields “dynamically” (so they also show up in your Seller Leads/Cash Buyers App), check out this support article. 

The Webform

Once inside, click on the settings “wrench” icon to find the “Webforms” area: 

Inside here, you can configure which fields you’d like to show up on the webform that the answering service will see. Think of this like your Seller Lead Script. You can also adjust the Theme (how it looks), and adjust the title/description of the webform as well. 

Once your webform looks good for you and includes all questions you’d like your answering service to ask the seller, you can send the service the “Shareable Link” right above the configuration area shown above. This is the link you will send to PatLive or any other service that’s answering your phone. 

Again, they will ONLY HAVE ACCESS to this webform, and will not need to login to Podio ever. 


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