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Purpose: Summarize process for creating a mail sequence for a single mailing address

  • Go to Mail workspace
  • Go to the ‘One Off’ app
  • To create new campaign click ‘Add Mail’ button located top right
  • Start typing the address and choose the correct one from the drop-down as it populates
  • Click ‘Save Mail’ button at the bottom of the page to ensure the new item is saved
  • The system then searches for the owner’s name and  mailing address (5 credits) and adds it to the ‘Prospect’ field
  • Refresh the screen and system will populate ‘Owner Name’ and ‘Owner Address’ fields
  • Choose the number of mailers you want sent in the drop-down (1- 8)
  • Add image of the property into the ‘Image’ field
  • Add telephone number you want the owner to call in the ‘User Cell Phone Number’ field
  • Review and confirm all is correct then click the ‘Submit Campaign’ button
  • The system will add a preview link to the Activity Window
  • Click the preview link to review mailers 
  • Approve pricing and mailers to begin campaign


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