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The Next Action section inside of the seller leads app is very much the nerve center of InvestorFuse.  Depending on which action you select, Mr. Fuse immediately starts firing off signals to create new items, tasks, and linking items together.  Some of the actions actually act as more of a status than actually creating anything. Here’s a list of what each action does when you select it:

  • Call New Lead – A new item is automatically set to this action.  Clicking this field does not trigger anything
  • Call Back – This item changes stage of lead to followup.
  • Reply To Seller – When a seller replies after your initial attempt to contact in any form the action will switch to Call Back.  Clicking this field does will trigger a task to reply to seller.
  • Followup Contact – Clicking this will have Mr. Fuse remind you to select a follow up time in the drop down follow up menu.  You will see this status very often in the system once you start working leads.
  • Do Research – Pushing a Seller Lead to Offers triggers this next action for due diligence.  If selected on it’s own it will add a task to do research on the property.
  • Set Appointment – Clicking this action will prompt the person with a comment to book an appointment with the appointment fields inside of the individual seller lead.  You can also just put the person attending the appointment and time in to create the appointment without selecting this button.
  • Create Offer Item – This button creates an offer item for each linked property in that lead.  It also changes the status to Offer Negotiation and creates a task to do research and/or create an offer and send.
  • Go On Appointment – This changes the stage of lead to appointment set.
  • Opt Out: Remove From List – Clicking this assigns a task to remove the person from your marketing.  The stage of lead is also moved to dead.
  • Mark As Dead – This creates a reminder to check back in on the person to see if their situation has changed in six months.
  • Outsource to Realtor – Assigns a task to share details with the real estate agent.  It also changes the status to referred to listing agent.
  • No Additional Actions – Does what it says.  But is used when an item gets to the Transaction App and the seller lead is marked as status “under contract” and next action of “no additional actions.”

Don’t be afraid to make a test lead and see what each of these buttons do.


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