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As of November 9th, 2016 we have switched to using native Podio Tasks.


For those customers that were in the system before November 9th, 2016 you still have access to all your previous tasks in the “Task Log” app. Those tasks will also still be linked on the seller lead in the “Tasks” relationship field.


What will be occurring now with tasks is all tasks the system generates will be created as a native Podio task. The native Podio tasks will show up on the seller lead at the very bottom. You also can view them in your global task list by clicking the task icon in the top blue bar of Podio. These will include tasks from any workspace you are a member of.


To complete a task it’s as simple as clicking the checkbox on the seller lead item or the global tasks view. In order to maintain the ability to trigger next auto actions a comment posts to the seller lead asking you to choose a next action or click a link and fire off the next auto action.


Finally, to make this not a complete change to your workflow the “Task Log” app will work the exact same way it has before. You can go to this app to see all active tasks, who has tasks due today, who has overdue tasks. You can also complete tasks here and fire of next auto actions. To make sure there is no duplicate work needed, if you complete a “Task Log” task it will also complete the native Podio task. This also works in the other direction: complete a native Podio task and it will complete a “Task Log” task.


Check out the video below for a walk through of everything:


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