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Bringing your old system’s leads into InvestorFuse. 

You will only need to migrate your seller leads, buyer leads, and active transactions into InvestorFuse.

Please NOTE lead inputs can take up to 7 days to complete. Our staff will attempt to get them done in a quicker period of time.

The first thing you need to determine is which leads (if any) you’d like to bring into InvestorFuse. Here are your option, from easiest to hardest: 



These options are merely for decision making purposes. We’ll get to the HOW to import your leads in the next section. First, choose your option: 


Option 1: Start Fresh

Depending on how many leads you have in your old system, you may want to consider starting “fresh,” meaning all leads from now on will be routed into InvestorFuse and worked through the flows and followups we’ve laid out for you.

This would be the easiest method and wouldn’t require any of the steps of Importing/Exporting spreadsheets into your Seller and Buyer lead apps, but only if you have very little or few ACTIVE leads in your old system. 


Option 2: Bring in only your Active Leads

Active leads would include hot or warm leads you are currently nurturing that you’d want to start putting on followup sequences on or send offers to using InvestorFuse. This would not include dead or cold leads. 


Option 3: Bring in all of your leads. 

This will require the most manual work, as you will need to go through determine the correct Stage and Next Action associated with all leads, including dead leads. We recommend using one of the first 2 options. You can always go back later and add additional leads by sending in a ticket to 


Active Transactions 

We recommend you bring in all of your current deals that are under contract into the “Transactions” app just so you can manage your closings in InvestorFuse and start getting everything centralized during your transition. This needs to be done manually.  

Simply go to your Transactions app in your Main Workspace, and click on “Add New Transaction” for all pending deals, adding in the relevant information you’d like to include for each. 

Since you won’t have any “Properties” in your system, just click on “Create New Item” when you’re filling out your transaction details:


How to Export Your Data from Your Old System

Once you decided WHICH leads you want to migrate into InvestorFuse, it’s time to export them from your old workspace or database system and import them into InvestorFuse using the steps below. The end goal is to have an excel file downloaded. We’ll use this file in the next section on importing

You need to first isolate the leads you wish to export (based on which option you’ve selected above), and follow that systems process for exporting data.

Hopefully they have an export feature, if not, your best option will be to either start fresh and manually add your active transactions into the Transactions App. 

If you’re having trouble figuring this out, shoot an email to with details about your other system, but for the most part other CRMs will have a data export feature. 



How to Get Your Leads Ready for InvestorFuse Import

So by now you should have an excel file from your old workspace or from another CRM. Unfortunately, simply uploading this into InvestorFuse won’t work, because the fields won’t match. We’ve got a solution for this, but it will require you to do some excel magic. 

Download the Spreadsheet you need here.

Watch this video for instructions: 


Send us Your Formatted Lead Sheet

Now you have your formatted lead sheet click the link below and attach it. This will send it to our support staff and we will import them into you workspace. We will NOT format your lead sheet for you. Please complete the steps above to format it.


Please fill out the form


Seller Leads Import Template

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