How to Add a Campaign

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To provide a process summary of adding campaigns


  • Create a separate campaign for each tracking (phone) number for each campaign type and each drop for that campaign type.  For Example: If you have a Probate campaign with 4 scheduled drops create 4 separate campaigns with 4 unique tracking numbers in the Campaigns app, for example Probate 1, Probate 2 etc.
  • Go to Campaigns app in the main workspace
  • Click Green ‘Add Campaign’ button
  • Complete the campaign name and tracking number fields for the campaign.
  • Click the Green ‘Save Campaign’ button in the lower right corner.
  • Next go to the Campaign Stats app and add number of pieces mailed and cost of campaign. It will automatically be loaded into the Campaigns app for tracking.
  • Once the info is saved any lead that calls into the tracking number is captured in the seller leads app and the campaign metrics are updated. 
    • See ‘Campaign’ field in the seller leads app



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