How do I add or remove users into my workspace?

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Since your team will be changing in your business, you can always remove or add new users in your workspace. It is vital to keep the workspaces updated to reflect the true number of people who you grant access to your workspace. Each user over 5 will incur an additional $25 per month per any user over 5.


InvestorFuse is comprised of 3 separate workspaces: your main workspace, the configuration workspace, and your direct mail workspace. Be sure to add/remove users in all three workspaces when you do so.


**In order to remove users or make someone an admin, you need to be using the Primary User’s account, since they themselves are an admin in the system. Here’s how to determine who is your primary user:


Click on the wrench looking settings button on your Activity home screen and choose “Manage Members”


You’ll see the admin(s) member under the “Role” column:


This is who will be able to remove users or make other users an admin. 


Adding Users


To add a user, click into the first workspace and make sure you’re in your activity feed home screen. Click on the “+ Invite” button found here:



Then, simply add the email address of the person you want to add into the workspace, but make sure it is their Podio login email address.


You’ll have the option to make them a “Regular” or “Workspace Admin.” The difference is that Regular members cannot modify or delete other’s apps or app items or re-order apps in a workspace. Here’s more information about the difference between Regular and Workspace Admin


Removing Users


Regular members also cannot remove users, so in order To remove users, YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR MASTER ADMIN ACCOUNT. This will likely be the head of the company or whoever signed up originally for InvestorFuse


Next to the member you want to add, click the “Action” dropdown and choose “Remove from workspace”


Finally, check the job role assignments. If the user you want to remove is assigned any roles be sure to remove and replace them with another users. If you do not complete this step the system will add them back into the workspace anytime a job role task is created and still assigning to them. 


All done!

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