Follow Up Sequences- Custom to Individuals in your Workspace!

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One way to further customize your follow up sequences is to create sequences for each user in your workspace that is working leads. In the scenario below, I show you how to make a custom sequence for “Paul”, 1 of 2 acquisition managers in this workspace. With custom email, text, and voicemail templates, Paul is able to put his personal contact information in these messages and appear to be personal touches.

A few things to consider:

-We recommend using a callback number where the destination is “Paul’s phone”, and also a number thats linked into InvestorFuse so the Reply to Seller task is created when leads try to get back in touch with you.

-Emails will still be sent from your programmed company email in your settings app, so if you are leaving your personal email in these templated messages, make sure you’re aware to check your personal inbox and update the seller lead accordingly

-Texts will be sent from a company Twilio number, so in your text template messages, be sure to let the seller know they can text you back on this “office line” or call you directly back on your personal line

-Have fun coming up with these messages. Put yourself in the seller shoes and try to come up with wording and messages with the highest chances of responding and doing business with you!


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