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Dynamic webforms means you have the ability to customize the webforms used in InvestorFuse so that any fields are pushed through to their destination.

The apps that this work in are:

  • SL Web Push – To Seller Leads and Properties
  • BL Web Push – To Cash Buyers
  • Third Party Live Answering – To Seller Leads and Properties
  • In-House Live Answering – To Seller Leads and Properties

To use this function you would go to one of the apps above and click Modify Template. You can then add the supported field types (listed below) to the form. Once the form has been adjusted you then need to go to it’s destination app (the place in the main workspace you want that field to appear). Add the exact same field type and field label (it’s case sensitive, so lowercase and uppercase characters have to match). If you don’t add the exact same field the data will still push, but just appear in the notes section.

The supported field types are:

  • Relationship / App reference field ***
  • Category field
  • Contact field
  • Date field
  • Duration field
  • Link/embed field
  • Location/Google Maps field
  • Money field
  • Number field
  • Progress field
  • Text field

***Matching reference fields MUST have the same app reference in order to work

Below is a video explaining this in more detail:


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