Do I still need to pay for Podio or Globiflow?

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No you sure don’t! InvestorFuse gives you the ability to have users within our workspace without any additional cost. We also provide the automations for you so nothing needs to be on a Globiflow account.


Now some cautions with that…


If you have an existing Podio organization you are paying for, you can downgrade off a paid plan. You won’t lose data, but if you are over the 5 user limit then you will need to remove members from your organization. You can reach out to to help you with downgrading.


If you have an existing Globiflow account, you don’t need it for InvestorFuse. Now if you cancel your Globiflow you will lose all your flows for your other organizations. Also if you want to do your own automating in InvestorFuse you would still need your own Globiflow account.


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