Changing the Email address for Appointment Confirmations

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If you are having issues with your email address appearing differently or comes up with your personal Email address when the Email confirmation for your Appointment gets sent out, this is because Podio uses your Podio email address, not the one used inside your Investorfuse work space (Company Email).

Please see below process to change/add/remove email address from Podio.


Adding a Podio email address

You can add all of your email addresses to a single Podio account. Click the profile icon in the top blue bar, then select “Account Settings”. Then click “Add another email address” to add a new address.

When you’ve added the email address, we’ll send a verification email to that address. Click the link in that email to verify that you own this email address and you’re done! 


Removing an email address

To remove an account email address, simply hover your mouse over the email address in your account settings, then click the “X” that appears. You will be asked the confirm your account password before the address is removed.

When I’m adding the email in the box, Podio says that this is being used by another user?

This will happen if there is already an existing account under the email address you’re trying to add. But do not worry! It is very easy to merge these accounts together.

Step by step you should:

  • Log on with the account you are not using (if you need a password for this account, go to
  • When logged in with this account, click the profile icon in the top blue bar.
  • Select “Account settings” and “I wish to permanently delete my Podio user account”. (NOTE: this will remove any workspace memberships of this account and you’ll have to be invited again).

  • Now log in with the account you are using.
  • Click the profile icon in the top blue bar.
  • Select “Account settings”.
  • Click “+ Add another email address.
  • Add the company email addresses you’d like to use.
  • Go to your email and click the link we sent.

Alternatively you can access the Podio’s Knowledge-base for further information

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