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To outline and summarize how the ‘Campaigns’ App and the “Campaign Stats’ App integrate with the KPIs functionality within the system

Basic KPIs Defined

Cost per Lead

Cost per Deal

Appointments from Leads

Deals from Leads

Deals from Appointments

Deals from Offers

PROFIT per Lead




Detailed Blog post outlining KPIs

The Official Guide to KPI’s for Real Estate Investing

KPIs Integration with Campaigns

What does the Integration provide?

Automated functionality to track leads to campaigns

What is tracked?

Know how each lead progresses to the appointment, offer, deal, and closing. 

*pro tip: KPI tiles can be found on the activity page of  the company main workspace

How is this helpful?

Track campaign performance, team performance, and results through KPIs so you can scale marketing and know how much to spend on what.

How is it triggered?

When a lead calls into your tracking number it automatically links to the corresponding campaign

What is the trigger?

It Works through the ‘campaign’ relational field in each seller leads app item. Once it is linked to a campaign, the system will update the KPI statistics for what is happening with that campaign.

What about cold calling, PPC, and web form leads that don’t call a tracking number?

It is possible to manually choose a campaign for the ‘campaign’ field. Whether that field is populated with automation or populated manually, tracking is triggered.

*note: we are working on a solution to automatically track web form leads, stay tuned.

Why is there a ‘Campaigns’ app and a ‘Campaign Stats’ app?

Previously stats were located in the ‘Mail Stats’ app. Now they are in Campaigns and Campaign Stats. Campaign Stats tracks monthly; every month the system creates statistics for each active campaign. The Campaigns app records the overall performance of each campaign.



What is the best way to ensure the tracking results are accurate?

Make sure each seller lead is attached to a campaign so tracking is triggered for every lead.


What’s up with the fields named ‘Old number of units mailed’ and ‘Old cost of Campaign’ in the Campaigns app?

We did not want to delete any existing data so we left the original fields in the template. If you do not have data for those fields, feel free to delete them from the template. 

*pro tip: for tutorial search knowledge base for ‘modify template’


What about the fields named ‘Number of units mailed’ and ‘Cost of campaign’ in the Campaigns app?

When filling in the number of units mailed and cost of campaign fields in the Campaign Stats app the information populates on the Campaigns app too.


What if there is a tracking number that tracks calls and creates a lead in the system and the same tracking number is used by a 3rd party live answer service?

Make sure the call notifications are coming into the system and then when the 3rd party live answer service submits a web form with the same number the files merge.


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