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Purpose: Provide a visual reference for each step in the offer process within the Offers app 


  • Next Action Field: Click ‘Create Offer Item” for that seller lead. This creates a new item in the Offers app. The system will automate a task to research the property and put the stage of the lead into due diligence and then offer negotiation.


  • Go to the Offers app to find and open the offer item. Complete the contract fields with purchase price, deposit, and any special clauses etc.


  • Generate Contract field: After fields are completed click one of the options to create the contract. The template used to generate the contract can be the one provided, a custom contract or you also have the option of creating a contract outside of InvestorFuse and uploading that file into the files field manually. Once a document in the files field is loaded using any of these options it is ready to go out.


* note: For more info on custom contracts search the keywords ‘custom contract’ in the support Knowledge Base

  • Send Offer field: Click how you would like the contract to be delivered to the seller. Once one of these are clicked an automated task is triggered and will be assigned for follow up to the offer.
  • Mail: The in system integration will create a hard copy to be physically mailed to the seller at a click of a button as long as the seller’s mailing address is entered.
  • Email as an attachment: Seller can print, sign and return
  • E-Signature: emails the seller a link to review and electronically sign
  • Verbal offer was made: note if verbal offer was made


  • Status field: Follow up with sellers when tasks are due, and update the status as negotiations progress. Each choice triggers task or action. 
  • If offer is rejected a follow up task is created. 
  • When the offer is accepted the file info is pushed to the Transactions app 
  • If there is no answer or seller is still thinking seller can be set on a follow up ‘offer sent’ sequence


Blue = user actions

Green = system automation

Gray = outcome



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