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Purpose: Provide a visual reference for each step in the appointment process, see ‘Next Action’ field in the InvestorFuse Seller Leads App


  • When it is time to make an appointment, click set appointment in the next action field. Once that button is clicked an auto task is assigned to schedule the appointment.
  • Scroll down to the header that says appointments and enter who is going then add time and date.
  • As soon as that info is entered and automatic email is sent out to the seller lead confirming time/date and who is going on the appointment. The automation also attaches a credibility kit article to the confirmation email.  *note: user may opt to upload their own testimonial page.
  • There are 3 outcomes of the appointment, offer accepted, offer rejected or follow up.
  • In the Offers app, if the offer is accepted it is pushed to the transactions app. If rejected a follow up task is created
  • If follow up is required, create an automatic task by choosing the number of days for “follow up in” drop down menu found in the seller leads app


Blue = user actions

Green = system automation

Gray = outcome





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