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Purpose: Provide a visual reference for each user action, system automation and outcome in the lead process within the seller leads app

  • When a Lead comes in as a missed call, the system automatically sends the seller a text message.
  • Attempt calling the seller back to make first contact, if still unable to reach after 6 call attempts, place seller lead on the “Can’t Reach” Follow Up Sequence.
  • Once contact is made, seller is opted out and removed from the GoBigPrinting direct mail list. Now the User decides the next action for the lead.

Decide Next Action

  • If the lead is not qualified, mark the lead as dead in the next action field, or refer the lead out to a realtor.
  • If the lead is qualified, follow next steps to making and appointment, making the offer, or following up.
  • If follow up is needed, select follow up time frame in the “Follow Up In” dropdown, and/or put the lead on a follow up sequence. Once something has changed with this lead (lead calls back, is ready to sell, etc), go back to the top of the funnel and decide next action to continue processing the lead.


Blue = user actions

Green = system automation

Gray = outcome




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