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InvestorFuse’s automation is built off of Podio “hooks,” or little bits of code sent from one area to another with a message on what should occur next. The hooks are triggered by Item Create, Item Update, and Comment Added:

  • Item Create: When a new item is created in an app

  • Item Update: When an item is updated in an app

  • Comment Added: When a comment is added on an item

These triggers then use filters such as:

  • If a field is blank or filled

  • If a certain category field has a value selected

  • If a comment matches a certain term

Purpose of This Document

The triggers and their corresponding filters need to stay in place in order for the InvestorFuse automations to work properly, so this document is going to outline where they are in the system. Because InvestorFuse still wants the customers to have the ability to add and change Podio fields, as well as add their additional automations on top. It’s important that client understands what needs to stay in place for the base functions to work.

This document will start with an outline of the different workspaces and the triggers/filters we use.


Main Workspace

Seller Leads

  • Outbound Call Logger

    • Selecting an option from the dropdown populates a record in the communication log.

  • Stage of Lead

    • None of the categories in this option trigger automations, but selections from tasks and next action, as well as other apps like offers, will set certain stages. So it is important the wording on the Stage’s does not change. Client’s can add their own stage’s to their setup and create custom automations of them.

  • Motivation

    • No automations use this field

  • Next Action

    • Call New Lead

      • A new item is set to this action, the wording cannot change.

      • Clicking this field does not trigger anything

    • Followup Contact

      • Contact tasks (call seller attempts, tasks from the “follow up in..” dropdown) will set this field so wording cannot change.

      • Clicking this field does not trigger anything

    • Do Research

      • Pushing a Seller Lead to Offers triggers this next action for due diligence so wording cannot change.

      • Clicking this field does not trigger anything

    • Set Appointment

      • Clicking this action will prompt the person with a comment to book an appointment with the appointment fields on the seller lead, so wording cannot change.

    • Create Offer: PUSH TO OFFERS APP

      • Will create an offer item per linked property.

      • Set the status of Seller lead to Due Diligence

      • Set the next action of Seller lead to Do Research

      • Create a task for the offer job role

      • Wording cannot change on this next action.

    • Go On Appointment

      • This is selected when an appointment and person going on the appt is set, so wording cannot change.

      • Clicking this field does not trigger anything.

    • Opt Out: Remove From List

      • Clicking this assigns a task to the person who clicked the field to remove them from marketing, so wording cannot change.

    • Dead – No More Follow Up

      • Does the same as Opt Out: Remove From List

      • Wording cannot change.

    • Outsource to Realtor

      • Assigns a task to the person who clicked the field to share details with the real estate agent, so wording cannot change.

    • No Additional Actions

      • When clicked does nothing. But is used when an item gets to the whiteboard and the seller lead is marked as status “under contract” and next action of “no additional actions.”

  • Followup Sequencer

    • Clicking on the sequences listed in category fields will prompt a comment to start the sequence.

  • Follow Up In..

    • Choosing a date in this dropdown will assign a task to the person that choose the date to follow up on that date. It also sets the Stage and Next Action to Followup, Followup Contact.

  • APPOINTMENT – Going On Appointment and APPOINTMENT – Set Date and Time are filled out in order (going first then date and time), and when date and time is filled with the going also filled out it will create an appointment in the appointments app for that person in the going field.

  • The rest of the fields have no automations and are used to hold data. This is where custom seller questions would be added.

Cash Buyers

There are currently no automations in the Cash Buyers app.


  • Seller Contact

  • Status

    • Determining Offer

      • Set when a Seller Lead is pushed to Offers, so wording cannot change.

      • Clicking this at any other point will not trigger any automations.

    • Sent-Followup

      • Set when the offer is sent via mail, email, or verbal, so wording cannot change. At the same time tasks to follow up are also created.

    • ACCEPTED! > Push to Whiteboard

      • Makes a whiteboard item, marks the seller lead as under contract, so wording cannot change.

    • Rejected

      • Makes a task on the Seller Lead to follow up with Lead and changes the seller lead to follow up status so wording cannot change.

    • Countered/Negotiating

      • Makes a task on the Seller Lead to follow up on negotiating, so wording cannot change

    • Closed

      • Set when the whiteboard item is closed, so wording cannot change.

  • Earnest Money / Official Offer Price / Closing Occurs in ____ Days / Additional Clauses/Terms / Inspection Period

    • Used in the InvestorFuse contracts.

  • Generate Contract

    • Triggers the InvestorFuse contracts

  • Send Offer

    • Triggers the Offer to be sent.

    • By Email requires the seller have a email address

    • By Mail requires the offer item have the mailing address on it

  • Get Digital Signature

    • Will trigger the eventual RightSignature integration

  • ARV / Discount (60-70%) / Repairs / Wholesale Fee

    • Used to calculate the field Maximum Offer Price


  • No automations are run here, data is just pushed to this app by fields on the Seller Lead.


  • Automations for the Whiteboard are still being ironed out.

Deal Marketing

  • Blasting to specific cash buyers is being developed for this app.


  • Automatic Campaign Tracking is being developed for this app.

MLS Offers

  • No automations are running in this app

Mail Stats

  • Automatic Campaign Tracking in conjunction with Campaigns app is being developed for this app.


  • Zillow integration and other future data integrations populate to fields here. Only add fields. Do not rename or change existing fields.

Followup Sequences

  • Sequences from the Seller Leads are created here so you can add in custom texts, emails, and tasks. No fields should be changed here. Only remove templated texts, emails, and tasks, then create new texts, emails, and tasks to have custom messages.

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